Bat Removal from your Home  

Bat removed from home
Bat Removed from Home
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Occasionally, a bat or bats may enter the living quarters of a home.

Bats generally gain entrance into homes through open doors and windows.

In some cases, bats enter homes after exterior exit and entry points have been sealed before allowing all bats to exit their roosting area.

If a bat or bats are in your home, Desert Wildlife Services can remove them. Call us as soon as you can!

We strongly advise not making any physical contact with any bat, as they can and do bite. If bitten by a bat, please call 911 as soon as possible, as some bats carry the rabies virus.

Bats can be very difficult to find in some homes, so we suggest observing the bat until it lands, and then containing it to that specifc area. This can sometimes be accomplished by closing doors or erecting temporary barriers to contain the bat until we, or another removal service can get to your home and remove the bat.

Bats can squeeze through very tight spaces. Placing a towel under doors will help to keep them contained in some rooms.

Bats discovered inside (or outside) homes can be submitted for rabies testing at Pima County Animal Control and the Arizona Veterinary  Diagnostic Lab. We highly suggest testing if there is even a remote possiblity of any contact with a bat.

For more information on rabies, please examine the Center for Disease Control webpages.

Desert Wildlife Services can be reached at (520) 743-1411.

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