Night Roosting Bat Control  

Day roosting pallid bat and damage
Day Roosting Bat
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Bats will often use high areas of porches, garages, carports, etc., to rest during their nightly foraging routines.

We call such places "night roosts" and the bats performing such behavior "night roosting bats."

Night roosts are apparent, as no crevice or gap is present in the structure, yet signs of bat guano and urine are visible on the ground and walls.

To discourage night roosting bats, we recommend several methods.

1. Place a work light beam where the bats habitually roost.
2. Using a large fan, direct a high volume of air where the bats habitually roost.
3. When the bats are not present, spray the areas where they roost with a dog or cat deterrent spray.
4. Install bat netting to completely exclude bats from unwanted areas.

Some species of bats are not discouraged by light. The pallid bat, as seen in the image above, is "day roosting" in an exposed area.

Desert Wildlife Services can install bat netting to completely exclude bats from most areas where they are not wanted. We can also provide high quality, halogen lights with timers, if needed.

Desert Wildlife Services is certified as Approved Bat Exclusion Professionals by Bat Conservation International.

Desert Wildlife Services is your local, honest and dependable choice for professional bat removal and control. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring for any of your bat control needs.

Our number is (520) 743-1411. Ask for Dave Purwin. He will personally address any bat issues at hand with you.

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