Badger removal and control 
Captured badger
Angry badger being extracted from burrow
Tucson, Arizona

 Some call badgers "Nature's Backhoe," and rightfully so.

These small, but ferocious predators can turn landscape into an image that resembles the surface of the Moon.

While badgers are not a common problem species in most of southern Arizona, they do cause occasional damage to yards, golf courses and other properties where prey species are abundant.

Mostly nomadic, badgers will seek out areas with abundant prey species. Prey species in our area include burrowing rodents, such as round-tailed ground squirrels and pocket gophers. While actively hunting these rodents, large "craters" and extensive burrow systems are often created.

As is the case with most problem animals, the key to resolving nuisance badger problems is to limit or eliminate the reason they are present on your property. As mentioned above, the reason is generally an abundant food source.

Desert Wildlife Services can help you limit the prey species attractive to badgers or physically trap and remove problem badgers.

To have nuisance badgers managed or removed, please give us a call and tell us about your specific situation. We are one of the few companies in Arizona and Pima County still addressing badger problems and take great pride in our work.



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