Snake Removal and Control 
Common kingsanke
Captured Kingsnake
Tucson, Arizona

For immediate snake removal, please call (520) 449-4200 or (520) 743-1411.

Adult kingsnakes of our area range from ~3 feet to 6 feet in length. The body is long and slender and scales are smooth as opposed to keeled. Young kingsnakes may range from approximately 6 inches to 20 inches. Body diameter is generally about the width of a pen or pencil.

The top of the kingsnake (dorsal side) is mostly black with very narrow bands of yellow or white intersecting the black. Coloration of young of the year kingsnakes is often more pronounced vs. adult kingsnakes.

Unlike rattlesnakes, the head of the kingsnake mostly conforms to its body. Kingsnakes have no rattle and are not venomous.

Kingsnakes are highly adaptable and found throughout Pima County, including the urban areas of Tucson.

Young of the year kingsnakes commonly find their way into homes and other structures. Adult kingsnakes often enter homes and structures, as well, if given the opportunity. Adult kingsnake removed from a home.

Kingsnakes are excellent climbers. It is not uncommon to observe this species well above ground level, seeking birds and bird eggs for a meal.

Do kingsnakes kill rattlesnakes? Yes, they certainly do! In fact, kingsnakes will kill and eat most any animal it can fit into its stomach.

Kingsnakes generally mate in the spring. The female might lay 2 - 24 eggs between May and August. Eggs hatch in approximately 60 days. Newly hatched snakes are usually in the 7 inch to 8 inch range.

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